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Tallest Chariot Rally in the Roads of Keonjhar

As a feature of the special age-old practice, the ‘Siali’ creeper is utilized to set up the chariot ropes of Master Sri Baladev Jew in Keonjhar not at all like the coir rope on the event of Rath Yatra consistently.

The chariot of Master Baladev Jew is Nandighosha rather than Taladwaja as in Puri and this chariot is supposed to be the greatest and tallest chariot with a level of more than 73ft.

Keojnhar Chariot Rally

According to the custom, the Bhuyan clans in Keonjhar must gather ‘Siali’ creepers from different spots in the Gandhamardan timberland.

Bhuyan clans start their quest for the creepers from Akshaya Tritiya. After gathering the creepers, the barks of those creepers are brought to Danla town under Banspal block.

In any case, the assortment of creepers is just difficult. According to the custom, just those creepers are picked in which no bird’s home is found.

  • World’s tallest chariot is going to be run on the roads of the Keonjhar.
  • It was a traditional event of Sri Baladevjew temple happening since 1671.
  • This event was in practice from the rule of Raja Laxminarayan Bhanja.

Besides, the creepers covering a tree from its start to finish are chosen for particular purposes.

In the wake of gathering the necessary measure of Siali creepers, the Bhuyan clans begin handling those to strip barks.

Then they need to stand by till Snana Purnima. In the wake of getting ‘angyamala’ from the master, the arrangement of the extraordinary chariot ropes start.

Three ropes with a length of 150 feet and broadness of six inches each are ready out of Siali creepers for pulling the Nandighosha chariot up to Mausima sanctuary.

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