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We have Compiled Dua Lipa’s Most Beautiful Appearances, from the Unusual to the Legendary

Lipa seems to have mastered the art of getting people to stop and stare with her use of glitter, sequins, butterflies, and creative designs that only she can pull off. She also excels at posing for photographs like she was made for it and making unforced statements with her carefree, ordinary wardrobe.

since of her confidence and the way she carries herself, Lipa can pull off things that many others definitely wouldn’t be able to since she isn’t scared to take chances.

Dua Lipa’s Appearances

Her appearance is always a treat for her fans, both online and in person. Here, we’ve gathered some of Lipa’s best looks, from original to legendary.

This sea-themed outfit and Lipa’s cosmetics, especially her blue eyeshadow, have us completely smitten. We admire the way she makes rocking look simple and carefree. Her necklace and hair clip are both incredibly stylish accessories that complete the ensemble.

  • Lipa excels at creating unique designs and posing for photographs.
  • Lipa is confident and willing to take risks.
  • Lipa’s Versace Grammys 2021 ensemble is iconic.

We think Lipa’s long, ruffled black gown and gentle, bare makeup are stunning. While many choose the traditional long, plain black gown, Lipa’s outfit blends elegance, beauty, and a touch of edge. Her soft eyeshadow, sheer lip color, and sharp brows all enhance her beauty. For the ‘Billboard Women in Music event in 2022, Lipa wore this outfit and took home the Powerhouse Award.

A rock star shirt covered in all the glitter in the world is worn with an unusual makeup combination. Lipa could have stayed safe by wearing a smoky eye or soft peachy glittering makeup, but she opted for this wacky flash of color instead, and we can confidently say it works. This is a daring fashion risk, which we strongly support.

Her Versace Grammys 2021 ensemble is one of Lipa’s most well-known outfits. Although she also wore other equally stunning outfits that evening, this one is particularly memorable.

Lipa has a history of donning outfits with butterflies as inspiration, but this one truly stands out because of the rhinestones, pastel colors, and Lipa’s unmistakable style. Her eye makeup matches the outfit wonderfully and is certain to raise eyebrows.

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