Tuesday, 3 October 2023

There are More Reasons to Copy Kate Moss’ Style at the Glastonbury Festival

In 2023, festival fashion has lost its luster, and the fashion industry’s growing environmental consciousness offers a solution. Asos and Big Topshop (RIP) are no longer as stylish places to shop for clothing as Depop and your neighborhood charity shop.

Fast fashion and festivals made sense because they focused on disability, but they also made sense because they were spontaneous gatherings. It is a commonly acknowledged fact, though, that if you’re attending a festival this summer, you’ll probably need to dress appropriately.

Glastonbury Festival

Festival season fashion trends are proving to be very popular, and second-hand purchases are also very popular. This entails utilizing more distinctive styles that aren’t directly from the high street, frequently with an homage to classic festival-ready dressing, like Kate Moss’s Glasto Heyday.

Key pieces like the flat knee boots and waistcoats from Kate Moss’s festival designs continue to make an appearance in other collections. It’s not as simple as walking into a high-end luxury boutique and buying a £700 waistcoat to incorporate these trends into your festival outfit.

  • 2023 festival fashion declines; environmental consciousness improves shopping options.
  • Festival fashion trends include unique, second-hand purchases.
  • Explore online marketplaces for unique, festival-themed items on Depop.

However, if you want to emulate Moss and company, you should try to find something distinctive instead of doing the exact opposite. Although it seems paradoxical, the fact that you couldn’t easily copy their attire is what first made it so distinctive.

Take your search to online marketplaces for secondhand goods, where you’ll find countless selections and one-of-a-kind items, to uncover remarkable items. The most popular items on Depop show a variety of festival season themes, from “silver” (21%) and “lace cami” (37%) to “mirror” (65%) and “parachute pants” (1,200%).

The “Western” aesthetic is the season’s top trend, with searches for it on Pinterest rising by 40% over the previous 90 days. More than 4.3 million videos with the hashtag #cowboyaesthetic have been viewed on TikTok. Over 920.9 million videos have been viewed using the hashtag #cowboyboots.

If you must wear a crop top with denim cut-offs, choose one made of sustainable Australian manufacturer MNK’s knit material. You may also find several secondhand denim shorts online.

If you know what you’re doing, all of this is simple to do and much more comfortable than the festival attire of old. Just keep in mind that less is always more if you’re channeling Moss. Take chances without fear, and keep far away from the glitter.

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