Friday, 29 September 2023

Ranbir Kapoor’s Performance in the Ramayana has Drawn Criticism

Actress Kangana Ranaut responded to the announcement that Ranbir Kapoor would be portraying Lord Ram in the upcoming movie “Ramayan” by referring to the actor as a “skinny white rat.” On Instagram, Kangana expressed her disapproval of the movie’s casting.

In an attempt to pass as another Bolly Ramayana, a tiny white actor with a reputation for sleazy underhanded PR and womanizing has transformed into Lord Rama. After making an effort to establish himself as Lord Shiva in a trilogy, he became notorious for womanizing and drug abuse.

A Skinny White Rat

According to media rumors, Yash, a popular actor from the south, would play Raavan. The role of Ravana has been offered to a young southern superstar who is renowned for being self-made, and a family-oriented traditionalist, and according to Valmiki ji’s description, he resembles Lord Rama better in terms of color, demeanor, and facial traits. This Kalyuga is what kind? No drugged-out, pallid soy kid should portray Lord Rama. Jai Shri Ram.

Adding to the frightening effect, Kangana posted a terrifying gif and wrote: “I am ready to beat you into the ground if you hit me once!” Be careful not to mess with me.

  • Kangana Ranaut disapproved of Ranbir Kapoor‘s portrayal of Lord Ram in “Ramayan” on Instagram.
  • White actor transforms into Lord Rama, faces scandal for womanizing and drug abuse.
  • Kangana stars in upcoming films, referring to Ranbir as a “skinny white rat.”

Kangana has a plethora of performing roles in upcoming films such as “Emergency,” “Tejas,” “Chandramukhi 2,” “Manikarnika Returns: The Legend of Didda,” and “The Incarnation: Sita.” Kangana refers to Ranbir as a “skinny white rat” for playing Lord Ram in the movie “Ramayana.”

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