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Only 12 Podcast Episodes were Created in the Three Years

According to royal analyst Kinsey Schofield, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle only created 12 podcast episodes in three years because of their demanding and controlling personalities.

She ascribed this to the second season of Meghan’s Spotify podcast being canceled, calling it “proof” of their challenging work.

12 Podcast Episodes

The Netflix documentary has drawn criticism from the BBC for being editorially manipulated by Harry and Meghan, who claim that it would not have been broadcast. They only produced 12 episodes in three years, which is a blatant sign of their lack of control and the difficulties they encountered when dealing with the Sussexes.

Given Meghan Markle’s reputation for failure on a worldwide scale, Kinsey thinks that businesses and individuals may now steer clear of partnering with the Sussexes. The royal couple, who are renowned for their diva personalities and drive to succeed on a global stage, have suffered a severe blow as a result of the circumstance.

  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s controlling personalities limit podcast episodes.
  • Netflix documentary criticizes BBC for editorial manipulation by Harry and Meghan, citing production issues.
  • Prince Harry and Meghan receive $25 million from Spotify, concert canceled due to job cuts.

Meghan is probably looking to internet content as she and Harry struggle to determine their identities and next moves. Although the pair is controlled and insists on making the correct step, they do the opposite.

They require influencers in their lives who will warn them against doing this. Using racial slurs, disseminating false information about the Covid-19 vaccine, and making antisemitic statements have all been brought up about Meghan’s Archetypes.

Prince Harry and Meghan received $25 million from Spotify for their vocals as part of a lucrative audio arrangement, but the concert was canceled after it was revealed that 200 more jobs might be cut.

According to insiders at Spotify, the royal couple fell short of the productivity threshold required for the whole compensation. More podcasts will be produced by Meghan.

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