Saturday, 20 July 2024

Breaking Boundaries: Voice of Baceprot Rocks Glastonbury

  • First Indonesian band to perform at Glastonbury Festival.
  • Advocates for female empowerment and challenges stereotypes.
  • Inspired by American metal bands like System of a Down.

Voice of Baceprot, an Indonesian metal band comprising three young women from Garut, West Java, is set to make history as the first Indonesian act to grace the stage at England’s prestigious Glastonbury Festival.

Formed in 2014 at an Islamic school, the band’s journey to international acclaim has been marked by both admiration and challenges, including societal resistance to their unconventional genre choice and attire.

Empowering Through Metal: Voice of Baceprot’s Journey

Despite facing criticism and misunderstanding, Voice of Baceprot has garnered attention for their bold stance on issues such as female empowerment and environmental conservation, using their platform to amplify voices often marginalized in their conservative community. Their music, which draws inspiration from American metal icons like System of a Down, resonates with audiences globally, reflecting a blend of cultural pride and rebellious spirit that transcends borders and stereotypes.

Since their inception, Voice of Baceprot has faced significant hurdles, including societal stigma in their conservative village where metal music and women in hijabs are often perceived as incompatible. Despite these challenges, the band has persevered, gaining recognition for their unique blend of cultural identity and rebellious spirit. Their music, influenced by bands like System of a Down, resonates with audiences globally, attracting praise from musicians and media alike for its authenticity and message.

Looking ahead, Voice of Baceprot aims to continue inspiring others through their music and advocacy. They are currently working on a new album that promises to delve deeper into social issues plaguing their homeland, including corruption and environmental degradation. Additionally, the band is committed to building a supportive community for aspiring musicians back home, hoping to empower the next generation to pursue their passions fearlessly and make a positive impact on their society.

The band’s bassist, Widi Rahmawati, encapsulates their mission: “Not only do we carry the Voice of Baceprot, but also our country,” highlighting their dual role as cultural ambassadors and agents of change through music.

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