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There is a decline in enrolment for Indian students in Canada

  • Policy Changes: Stricter study permit caps, eligibility criteria, and work limits introduced by the Canadian government.
  • Diplomatic Tensions: Disputes between India and Canada, including diplomat expulsions, impact permit processing.
  • Increased Financial Burden: Higher proof of funds requirements and overall costs discourage Indian students.

Recent policy changes in Canada have significantly impacted Indian student enrolment. The Canadian government has introduced stricter caps on study permits, reduced work hours for international students, and raised financial proof requirements.

Diplomatic tensions between India and Canada have exacerbated the decline in student enrolment. The expulsion of Canadian diplomats, who were responsible for processing study permits, has led to a sharp decrease in the number of permits issued.

Indian student enrollment and policy shifts in Canada

Recent policy changes in Canada have drastically reduced Indian student enrolment. The government has implemented stricter caps on study permits, with a 35% reduction for 2024, and has introduced higher financial proof requirements, making it harder for Indian students to gain access.

Additionally, new work restrictions limit off-campus work to 24 hours per week and tighten eligibility for post-graduation work permits. These changes reduce the opportunities for students to support themselves financially while studying, discouraging many from choosing Canada as their educational destination.

Diplomatic tensions between India and Canada have further impacted student enrolment. The expulsion of Canadian diplomats responsible for processing permits has led to an 86% drop in study permits issued to Indian students in the last quarter of 2023, adding another layer of difficulty.

Increased scrutiny in the application process also contributes to the decline. Designated learning institutions must now confirm each letter of acceptance directly with Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), slowing down the process and adding stress for prospective students.

The combined effect of stringent policy changes, heightened financial requirements, and diplomatic tensions has led to a significant decline in Indian student enrolment in Canada. These factors create a more challenging environment for Indian students, reshaping their educational choices and impacting the broader landscape of international education in Canada.

“Stricter policies and diplomatic tensions have reshaped the landscape for Indian students in Canada, making it more challenging to pursue educational opportunities abroad.”

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