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The future of education in Windhoek, Namibia

The 22nd Biennial Conference of Rectors and Vice Chancellors of the Association of African Universities (COREVIP 2023) focused on six sub-themes: doctoral education, institutional differentiation, partnership/cooperation and internationalization, university-industry linkages, funding and financing, and the role of intellectual diaspora. It was held in Namibia from July 4 to July 7.

Technology enabled the event because the tiny time difference between Namibia and the UK did not prevent it.

The future of education

To overcome power disparities and foster alternative knowledge production sites outside of traditional research facilities, the Africa Charter on Transformative Research Collaborations initiative was developed.

The Charter doesn’t have different time dimensions; instead, it concentrates on the breakdown of stakeholders, such as research institutions, funders, organizations that evaluate research and higher education, governments, international scientific organizations, and science publishers.

  • Technology-enabled event due to the small time difference between Namibia and UK.
  • Charter focuses on stakeholders’ breakdown without time dimensions.
  • Global Centers for African Studies directors hold Zoom meetings to discuss content distribution.

The Charter also calls for reciprocity in the development of research capacity between African scholars and those who have traditionally set the agenda. Although the Charter is a detailed text, more discussion and consultation are needed.

To get buy-in and discuss various means to distribute the content, it is advised that Directors of Centers for African Studies around the world hold a Zoom meeting.

Collaboration with organizations or individuals who were unable to attend the conference could result in the creation of a roadmap for higher education in Africa by the year 2050.

Outsiders to COREVIP 2023 pledge to keep an eye on those who have spoken up and make sure everyone involved is acting.

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