Tuesday, 3 October 2023

Schools in Worcester Celebrate the End of the School Year

To send their students home to the summer break at Worcester Public Schools on a positive note, teachers and staff worked hard on Tuesday.

Inflatable water slides, bounce houses, and other games were brought into Chandler Elementary Community School as part of the school’s long-standing “Spree Day” tradition. Jessica Boss, the principal, says they want to celebrate all the hard work they have done for 179 days.

Schools in Worcester

According to Boss, preparations for the event typically start a year early, and many Chandler students were still enrolled in classes in 2020 when the celebrations had to be postponed. Even though 2021 wasn’t the same as it was in the previous year, Boss is pleased that pupils will have some positive memories to carry into the summer.

Everyone kind of gets together and conducts some fundraising, she added, including students, teachers, relatives, and community members. In order for this to work, we host dances during the school year.

  • Worcester Public Schools celebrates 179 days of hard work with inflatable games and activities.
  • Chandler students postponed 2020 celebrations, but Boss hopes for positive memories in 2021.
  • Teachers organized activities at YMCA, with instructor Justice Lane present.

Teachers also contributed to the organization of the day’s activities. As kids arrived throughout the day at the Central Community Branch YMCA on Main Street, physical education instructor Justice Lane was there.

It’s fantastic for the kids, added Lane. There isn’t much for kids to look forward to during the summer months aside from school, so I think it’s important to provide them with more chances to play outside and engage in physical activity. I also know that our school administration supports this.

In July and August, Worcester Public Schools offers language, art, and music programs for parents who want to keep their children occupied throughout the summer.

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