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Suddenly Appearing as “Alive”, Chinese Tycoon Jack Ma

The founder of the massive e-commerce site Alibaba, Chinese billionaire Jack Ma, has been the subject of rumors for more than two years. After criticizing the Chinese Communist Party in 2020, he vanished from the public eye.

Ma is still alive and healthy, according to a senior Alibaba executive. At the University of Tokyo, Ma led a seminar on “innovation and entrepreneurship” as a part of its Global Leadership Programme. This was his first time instructing.

Chinese Tycoon Jack Ma

The seminar’s main topics were management theory and future success strategies for the younger generation. Ma started teaching at the institution on May 1 and his current contract expires on October 31.

Ma took a three-year position as an honorary professor at the University of Hong Kong in April. In this position, he will work with faculty members to do research in the areas of finance, agriculture, and entrepreneurial ideas.

  • Chinese billionaire Jack Ma vanished after 2020 Chinese Communist Party criticism.
  • Ma becomes Hong Kong honorary professor, who researches finance, agriculture, and entrepreneurial ideas.
  • Alibaba and Ma face CCP crackdown, canceled share sale, and antitrust fine.

Michael Evans, the president of Alibaba, added that Ma is “well, he’s happy, creative, and thinking.” Ma resigned as Alibaba’s chairman in 2019 and blasted China’s financial regulators for being overly risk-averse in public.

Due to this, Alibaba and Ma were subjected to a CCP-led crackdown, which resulted in the cancellation of Ant Group’s $34.5 billion public share sale, Ma giving up leadership of the fintech juggernaut, and Alibaba receiving a $2.8 billion antitrust fine.

Ma gave up leadership of the fintech company Ant Group in January, lowering his ownership stake from more than 50% to only 6.2%.

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