Tuesday, 23 July 2024

Education prize shortlist announces London state schools

  • Kingsford Community School recognized for turning adversity into excellence.
  • Avanti House Secondary School shortlisted for supporting healthy lives.
  • Five UK schools are finalists for prestigious T4 Education World’s Best School prizes.

Two London state schools have made the shortlist for the T4 Education World’s Best School prizes, which celebrate contributions to societal progress. Kingsford Community School in Newham, where 72% of students speak English as a second language, is recognized for overcoming adversity.

Avanti House Secondary School in Stanmore, a state Hindu school, is nominated for the supporting healthy lives prize. The winners will receive $10,000, with the top three finalists announced in September.

UK Schools Among Finalists for Global Education Awards

Kingsford Community School in Newham, known for its diverse student body and high rates of free school meals, is in the running for the overcoming adversity prize. The school has demonstrated remarkable success despite challenging circumstances.

Avanti House Secondary School in Stanmore is another London state school nominated, specifically for its efforts in promoting healthy lives. This highlights the school’s commitment to student well-being and holistic education.

Venturers’ Academy in Bristol has been recognized for its innovative “extreme classroom” expeditions, such as the “Wettest Classroom on Earth.” These initiatives provide unique learning experiences for students with special educational needs.

Grange School in Manchester offers practical learning for children with autism through activities like a pupil-operated coffee shop and a farm. These enrichment areas contribute to the school’s nomination for the innovation prize.

The T4 Education World‘s Best School prizes aim to acknowledge schools making significant societal contributions. Five UK schools, including two from London, have been shortlisted, underscoring the exceptional efforts of these educational institutions.

The winners will receive $10,000, and the top three finalists for each category will be announced in September. This recognition brings attention to the impactful work being done in these schools, from supporting healthy lives to overcoming adversity.

“Unless we solve the urgent challenges global education faces… we will have failed the next generation.”

– Vikas Pota, founder of T4 Education

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