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The Year 2023 will Mark Several Significant Anniversaries

The National Heritage Board (NHB) turns thirty years old this year, SBS Transit and SportSG celebrate 50 years, the Singapore Sports Museum marks 40 years, the MRT marks 35 years, and Singapore Heritagefest 2023 marks 20 years this May.

The public can anticipate a comprehensive lineup of 80 programs spread across four weekends that will take participants on an engaging trip focused on two frequently disregarded facets of Singapore‘s history: sports and public transportation.

2023 Singapore Heritage Fest

The 80 programs will feature a wide range of entertainment. Expect a variety of events, including talks, workshops, film screenings, performances, and exhibitions.

Surely the best medicine is laughter? So don’t miss this intimate piece by award-winning playwright and director Lim Hai Yen, which uses comedy to confront some of the challenges encountered by Singaporean transport employees.

  • The National Heritage Board (NHB) turns thirty years old this year.
  • SBS Transit and SportSG celebrate 50 years, and the Singapore Sports Museum marks 40 years.
  • There will be more than 80 events to celebrate notable anniversaries.

Get aboard a shadowy bus and explore a route less traversed by buses. You won’t be informed of your destination. So just relax and take it easy. A thrilling adventure is in store.

Typesetting or history in general pique your interest? Go back in time and learn how antique bus tickets were printed and created by taking a letterpress guided tour.

Learn the ancient Indian martial arts of Silambam and work up a sweat learning how to fight traditionally. Over 3000 years ago, this style of art was initially practiced. It is now only taught at Kalari Academy in Singapore. Try it out here in May. 

Join Matthew, Naz, and their friends as they discuss their passion for Singapore buses and show off their unique collection of memorabilia from Singapore‘s public buses. And these are just a few of the things that are in store for everyone. Registration will begin at noon on April 20.

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