Tuesday, 23 July 2024
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Prolonged Proposal to Crypto Investments

Investors have started to think as Bitcoin price tumbled from the beginning of the year and investors worry about future returns. These fluctuations are not stable in crypto, as we have witnessed ups and downs. Still, crypto managed to outperform compared to other assets.

We have first-time investors in crypto and they find faster ways to improve their funds in the volatile market. But they are worried about reduced return on investment in other assets like real estate, bonds, etc.

Global Pandemic

The economy has been affected worldwide due to the rising pandemic situation which has led to high production costs and was aggravated by USSR – Ukraine war. As a result,

  • To hold back the rising pressure, central banks increased interest rates which affect assets globally.
  • Now S&P 500 index fell into the down market by 20%.
  • Investors are worried about return on investment which dropped due to the volatile nature of the crypto market.

In the current volatile market, it is suggested that investors must look at the long-term proposal for investments and they can go through other ways of exposure to crypto assets. So investors can lend their crypto assets in exchange and gain interest while funds are locked.

Now innovative tools like coinDCX are introduced to secure investors who have been involved in trading. coinDCX provides limited orders which allow determining the price limit for buying and selling cryptocurrency.

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