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Binance Celebrates 7th Anniversary with 200M Users and “Be Binance” Campaign

  • Binance marks its seventh anniversary with over 200 million users globally.
  • The “Be Binance” campaign includes events, giveaways, and educational initiatives.
  • Binance’s daily trading volume is over seven times that of its closest competitor, Coinbase.

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has reached a significant milestone by celebrating its seventh anniversary with over 200 million users worldwide.

With a daily trading volume exceeding $25.3 billion, Binance continues to dominate the cryptocurrency exchange market, being more than seven times larger than its closest competitor, Coinbase.

Binance Reaches 200M Users and Launches Global “Be Binance” Celebration

Celebrating its seventh anniversary, Binance has announced a significant milestone of surpassing 200 million users worldwide. The cryptocurrency exchange has introduced the “Be Binance” campaign to honor this achievement, engaging users through diverse activities such as in-person events, virtual gatherings, and social media contests. These celebrations will take place across 19 countries, including the UAE, Australia, and Spain, reflecting Binance’s global reach.

Rachel Conlan, Binance’s Chief Marketing Officer, highlighted the exchange’s commitment to its core values of humility, kindness, collaboration, and gratitude. She also underscored the importance of educating the public about the benefits and utility of digital assets. This educational focus aligns with Binance’s broader vision of onboarding the first billion Web3 users, a target that now seems more attainable given the exchange’s rapid growth.

Binance’s market dominance is evident in its daily trading volume, which exceeds $25.3 billion—more than seven times that of its nearest competitor, Coinbase. The exchange has experienced exponential growth, securing its first 100 million users in five years and adding another 100 million in just two years. Over 30 million new users joined Binance in the first half of 2024 alone, demonstrating the platform’s appeal and reliability.

The “Be Binance” campaign not only celebrates the exchange’s past achievements but also looks forward to future growth. Binance plans to continue innovating and developing products that enhance user experience and drive the utility of cryptocurrencies. The campaign also features a series of giveaways, including $7,000 worth of Binance’s BNB tokens, rewarding users who share their Binance-related experiences and engage with the community.

Binance’s seventh anniversary and the launch of the “Be Binance” campaign highlight the exchange’s commitment to growth, innovation, and user education, setting the stage for further expansion in the digital asset industry.

“Through determination, curiosity and responsibility, we’ve faced challenges and reaped rewards, thanks to our 200 million users. As we journey toward financial freedom, we stay true to our values: humility, kindness, collaboration and gratitude.”

— Rachel Conlan, Chief Marketing Officer at Binance

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