Friday, 19 April 2024

UAE shops do their best to draw in Ramadan customers

  • To meet the heightened demand, retailers are introducing deals and promotions.
  • The technical consumer products market in the UAE experienced an 8% growth in March and April of last year.
  • Shops purposefully employ eye-catching discounts that fit the joyous mood.

To meet the heightened demand during the holy month of Ramadan, retailers are introducing deals and promotions.The technical consumer products market in the United Arab Emirates experienced an 8% growth in March and April of last year, according to global market research firm GfK.

This year, the pattern is probably going to continue. Because of the changed eating and sleeping cycles during Ramadan, malls and markets remain open later into the night, causing a shift in the hours that people can shop.

Eye-catching Discounts

Convenience drives more consumers to ship their goods online, as evidenced by the growth in e-commerce. During Ramadan, families usually spend extra on groceries and food items for iftar and suhoor.

During the holy month, sales occur in three stages: a spike in March 2023, a slowdown in the middle of Ramadan, and a chance to capitalize on the spike during Eid by providing exclusive deals and promotions.

Retailers employ a variety of tactics to draw consumers during this time, such as package discounts, one-time bargains, limited-time promotions, freebies with purchases, extended store hours, and Ramadan-themed advertising.

Discounts are used more frequently in the competitive retail environment, where pure players and internet platforms like Amazon and noon play a big part. Shops purposefully employ eye-catching discounts that fit the joyous mood, particularly as Ramadan draws to a close.

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