Monday, 17 June 2024

Sunwing Airlines will be Shut Down by WestJet

As part of a strategy to streamline operations, WestJet intends to shut down Sunwing Airlines and incorporate it into its mainline company within two years.

The adjustment, according to Sunwing Airlines CEO Len Corrado, will expand markets for the 18-year-old business and its personnel. In an internal memo that The Canadian Press was able to secure, the Calgary-based carrier confirmed the change.

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Sunwing Airlines will eventually be merged with WestJet, which is anticipated to take up to two years, and WestJet will transition to a one-jet aircraft operating certificate (AOC) model.

Both actions amplify the Canadian aviation market’s concentration, which began last month with WestJet’s acquisition of Sunwing’s primary airline and holiday operations.

  • WestJet plans to merge Sunwing Airlines with its mainline company in two years.
  • Sunwing Airlines merges with WestJet, transitioning to a one-jet AOC model.
  • WestJet Group expands Sunwing East, Western Canada, focusing on a one-jet AOC strategy.

Since Sunwing Vacations was not mentioned in the document, WestJet aircraft may be transporting Sunwing tour package consumers to their sunny holidays.

Ottawa approved the purchase with the following conditions attached: Sunwing packages must be expanded to five additional cities; capacity must be maintained on the most affected routes; and the head office of the vacation business must remain in Toronto for at least five years.

According to the federal aviation registration, the arrangement increased WestJet’s 130 aircraft fleet by almost 2,000 people and 18 Boeing 737s.

The WestJet Group is still committed to expanding sun flying in the East alongside its expansion plans in Western Canada, and as we eventually go to a one-jet AOC, this strategy will only become more effective. When contacted for comment on Saturday, Sunwing did not react right away.

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Sunwing Airlines will be Shut Down by WestJet

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