Monday, 17 June 2024

DMCC and BDIAEZ will improve trade between Dubai and China

The Administrative Committee of BDIAEZ and Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) have signed a contract to create a cooperation mechanism for enhancing strategic cooperation on bilateral projects and commerce.

Together, the two organizations will share information and skills to become role models for international free trade zones. They will draw on DMCC’s expertise in luring and overseeing a wide range of enterprises as well as its top-notch infrastructure.

Trade Between Dubai and China

The UAE and China’s economic ties are strengthening and expanding quickly, which demonstrates the influence we can have when we collaborate with trading partners to achieve win-win results. This strategic partnership between Dubai and Beijing will strengthen collaboration in this area and open up new chances for companies seeking to grow and enter new markets.

By working together, we will give any organization a platform to realize its potential and prosper while making conducting business easier.

  • BDIAEZ and DMCC establish cooperation mechanisms for strategic projects and commerce.
  • UAE-China economic ties strengthen; a strategic partnership between Dubai, and Beijing expands opportunities.
  • BDIAEZ and DMCC collaborate on industry clusters, trade infrastructure, and global regulations.

As a result of the agreement, both organizations will streamline the regulations, procedures, and expenses related to a business setting up in DMCC or BDIAEZ and offer advice and support to any organization interested in doing so.

To draw businesses to free zones, BDIAEZ and DMCC are working together to create industry clusters, share trade infrastructure, and develop globalized, interconnected regulations. For BDIAEZ, this relationship marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter.

It will be crucial to assist China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which will use both cities as springboards for fostering collaboration. We are hopeful that this strategic cooperation will open up new prospects that will increase connectivity between Beijing and Dubai.

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