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A Colombian Woman is to Give Birth to her 20th Child

  • Martha from Medellin, Colombia gets monetary help from the Colombian government for every youngster.
  • 17 individuals from this monster family are under 18 years of age and they live in a little three-room loft.
  • Consistently, the Public authority of Colombia gives around Rs 42,000 to Martha.

A 39-year-elderly person in Colombia who is now a mother of 19 youngsters is set to invite her twentieth kid into this world. In her new connection with the media, 39-year-old Martha uncovered that she doesn’t anticipate halting bringing forth kids and considers parenthood to be a business opportunity.

She additionally gets help from the nearby church and neighbors. Be that as it may, the cash she gets scarcely takes care of the expense of raising and focusing on every one of them. In a wrenched-up loft, Martha can’t take care of the youngsters and a full dinner.

39-Year-Old Women Give Birth to 20 Child

Martha said that she gets around Rs 6,300 for the oldest youngster and Rs 2,500 for the most youthful. Because of a severe spending plan and low type of revenue, she can’t give the absolute minimum offices to her kids. She uncovered that her life in a three-room condo with every one of her kids is very difficult. Aside from the full dinner, there is likewise not sufficient room in that frame of mind for all to serenely rest.

Looking at parenthood as a business opportunity, Martha conceded that she would keep having kids until her body doesn’t permit it.

Essentially, it has been accounted for that a lady in Russia who loves embracing parenthood plans to take the count of her youngsters to north of 100. The 26-year-elderly person, Christina Ozturk, who lives in Georgia, Russia, is a mother of 22 youngsters.

With the point set high, it has additionally been accounted for that her most memorable youngster, who is 9 years of age, was the one in particular who was considered normal. In contrast, the others were finished through surrogacy. The couple conceded that they want to have 105 youngsters in their loved ones.

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