Monday, 15 July 2024

Australia’s cruise capacity is expected to break records in 2024

  • Record Capacity: Australia to host 57 cruise ships in 2024, achieving record-breaking capacity.
  • New Arrivals: Major deployments include Crown Princess and the return of Disney Wonder.
  • Market Leaders: P&O Australia, Royal Caribbean, and Carnival Cruise Line expand offerings with significant fleet presence.

The Crown Princess will join Princess Cruises in Australia and New Zealand for the 2024-25 season, offering extended voyages from key cities such as Sydney, Auckland, and Brisbane. This deployment replaces the Coral Princess and includes longer itineraries to the South Pacific and Europe.

2024 to Mark Historic Expansion in Australian Cruise Capacity

P&O Australia remains the market leader, operating three ships year-round, including the sizable Pacific Encounter and Pacific Adventure. Other major players like Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Line are expanding their presence, with multiple ships scheduled for seasonal programs across Australia and New Zealand.

Other significant players include Royal Caribbean International and Carnival Cruise Line, both expanding their fleets in the region. The return of Disney Cruise Line’s Disney Wonder for an extended program starting in late October 2024 highlights the growing appeal and diverse offerings available to cruise enthusiasts in Australia and New Zealand.

The unprecedented growth in Australia’s cruise market for 2024, highlighted by the introduction of new ships and expanded itineraries from major cruise lines, underscores the region’s increasing importance in the global cruise industry. This dynamic expansion promises diverse and exciting travel options for both local and international passengers, setting a new benchmark for cruising in the South Pacific.

“Australia’s cruise market is set for an unprecedented boom in 2024, with 57 different ships marking a record-breaking capacity and major cruise lines expanding their presence in the region.”

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