Monday, 15 July 2024

Growing Ag’s Future Leaders: New Century Farmer Conference

  • Select group of 50 FFA alumni to convene in Des Moines, Iowa, July 21-25.
  • Conference focuses on business operations of farming and diverse agricultural careers.
  • Attendees gain leadership and career skills through expert insights and peer learning.

The New Century Farmer Conference, held from July 21-25 in Des Moines, Iowa, is set to bring together 50 former FFA members aged 18-24. These individuals have demonstrated leadership in their agricultural studies and work experiences, earning a coveted spot at this annual event.

The conference provides these young professionals with a unique opportunity to delve into the business operations of farming, a facet typically reserved for middle and high school FFA programming.

FFA Alumni to Explore Business of Farming at New Century Farmer Conference

Participants come from varied agricultural backgrounds, managing operations that range from large livestock enterprises to small-scale organic egg production, as well as handling crop areas from none to over 4,000 acres.

The event is designed to enhance their leadership, personal, and career skills by offering them a chance to explore diverse farm operations, learn from industry experts, and network with peers. Allie Ellis, Associate Director of the National FFA Alumni & Supporters, highlights the conference’s role in helping attendees launch and maintain successful careers in agriculture.

The conference not only provides a platform for learning but also serves as a networking hub where attendees can form connections that may benefit their future careers. With a diverse group of participants managing various scales of agricultural operations, the event fosters an environment of shared knowledge and collaborative learning. The hands-on experiences and expert-led sessions are tailored to address the real-world challenges and opportunities in modern farming.

In addition to learning about advanced farming techniques and business strategies, participants will explore new technologies and sustainable practices that are shaping the future of agriculture. The conference aims to equip these young leaders with the skills and knowledge necessary to innovate and adapt in a rapidly evolving industry. By bringing together a dynamic group of future agricultural professionals, the New Century Farmer Conference plays a vital role in securing the future of farming and agribusiness.

The New Century Farmer Conference stands as a pivotal event for young agricultural professionals, providing them with the tools, knowledge, and networks necessary to succeed in a dynamic and evolving industry. By fostering leadership and innovation, the conference ensures a bright future for the next generation of farmers.

“The New Century Farmer Conference provides a pathway for FFA alumni to advance their leadership, personal and career skills.” – Allie Ellis, Associate Director of the National FFA Alumni & Supporters

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