Monday, 15 July 2024

Shruti Vora Becomes First Indian Rider to Win Three-Star Grand Prix Event

  • Shruti Vora wins three-star Grand Prix event in Lipica, Slovenia with 67.761 points.
  • Secures second place in Grand Prix Special with a score of 66.085.
  • Praised by EFI for inspiring future generations of female riders.

Shruti Vora made history by becoming the first Indian rider to win a three-star Grand Prix event, triumphing in Lipica, Slovenia with a score of 67.761 points. Her victory was notable as she outperformed riders from Moldova and Austria.

In the Grand Prix Special at the same venue, Shruti finished second with a score of 66.085. This accomplishment adds to her impressive record, including participation in the Dressage World Championship and the Asian Games.

First Indian to Win Three-Star Grand Prix

Col Jaiveer Singh, Secretary General of the Equestrian Federation of India, praised Shruti’s achievements, highlighting their potential to inspire more women to pursue equestrian sports professionally. This win marks a new chapter in Indian equestrianism.

Notably, Shruti has represented India in various prestigious events, including the Dressage World Championship and the Asian Games, showcasing her consistent excellence and commitment to the sport.

Shruti Vora’s groundbreaking achievements in Slovenia set a new benchmark for Indian equestrian sports, inspiring future generations to strive for similar excellence and bringing national pride.

“This inspiring performance from Shruti has made the country proud. Many women are taking up the sport and such milestones will inspire many more riders to strive for excellence.”

– Col Jaiveer Singh

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