Saturday, 9 December 2023

Ukraine’s Command Post in Kharkiv was Burned in the Russia

  • The Russian Armed force has sent off a new rush of assaults on the Ukrainian Military.
  • Russian powers pulverized the Ukrainian Armed force’s war rooms in Kharkiv.
  • Ukrainian terminating positions and fortresses “were obliterated” in Russian assaults.

In the interim, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has by and by “asked” for additional arms. Zelensky said the West’s arms conveyances to Ukraine have truly dialed back since the Israel-Hamas war.

Russia’s Su-34 warriors completed five airstrikes on Ukrainian garrisons and transitory bases in the Kupyansk region, Sergey Zybinsky, a representative for Battlegroup Center.

Ukraine’s Command Post was Burned

The groups of Su-34 contender aircraft did five airstrikes on the order and perception posts and brief bases of the 41st and 43rd automated units close to the Stepovaya Novosyolovka and Petropavlovka settlements in the Kupyansk region.

The representative added that the foe had lost four mortar groups, a Strela-10 rocket framework, a D-20 ordnance firearm, and an automated flying vehicle.

Russian powers obliterated a Ukrainian base in the Donetsk Nation’s Republic (DPR) throughout the last day in the exceptional military activity in Ukraine, Guard Service Representative Lieutenant-General Igor Konashenkov provided details regarding Sunday.

Close to the settlement of Yampol in the Donetsk Nation’s Republic, a garrison of the 100th regional protection detachment was obliterated

During the most recent 24-hour time frame, functional/strategic and armed force airplanes, rocket troops, and ordnance of the Russian groupings of powers struck 102 Ukrainian big gun units at discharging positions, labor, and military equipment in 108 regions, the general revealed.

Ukrainian armed forces units were likewise struck by big guns in regions in the Kharkiv District and the Lugansk Nation’s Republic.Ukrainian armed forces units were likewise struck by big guns in regions in the Kharkiv District and the Lugansk Nation’s Republic.

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