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On the 500th day of the battle, Zelenskyy praises the “brave” Ukraine

President Volodymyr Zelensky congratulated Ukraine for being “brave” and its resistance to Russia on the 500th day of the invasion.

A video clip of his visit to Snake Island in the Black Sea, a representation of Ukraine‘s defiance of Russia, was published by him.

500th day of the battle

Since the war started on February 24, 2022, the UN has recorded 9,000 civilian deaths, including 500 children, but it believes the actual death toll may be much higher. The death toll increased once more on Saturday when six individuals were murdered in Lyman by Russian rocket fire.

This is the 500th day of the conflict, which has continued to wreak havoc on Ukraine’s civilians. After obtaining a US commitment for cluster munitions that may cause major harm to Russian soldiers on the battlefield, Zelenskyy was able to earn support for his nation’s NATO ambitions.

  • Zelensky congratulates Ukraine for its bravery and defiance against Russia.
  • UN reports 9,000 civilian deaths since the war, but a higher toll is possible.
  • International crisis mediation unsuccessful; Erdogan tries to present impartiality.

The US’s choice to send the weapons—banned in much of the world but legal in Russia and Ukraine—dramatically raises the stakes in the conflict.

Cluster munitions have the potential to go undetonated for years, endangering civilians, and human rights organizations have severely opposed the choice to deliver them.

Several international attempts to mediate the crisis have so far been unsuccessful. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the president of Turkey, has made an effort to present himself as an impartial mediator.

He has increased trade with Russia during the conflict while also giving Ukraine drones and other weapons that have prevented Kremlin forces from taking Kyiv in the early stages of the conflict. By expressing unwavering support for Ukraine’s aim to join NATO, he ran the risk of inciting Russia’s wrath.

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