Friday, 29 September 2023
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Latest COVID-19 Updates of Some States and Territories

  • In the Australian capital region, there were 169 new Coronavirus cases in the Demonstration last week.
  • The region has four individuals in the clinic with Coronavirus, and none in escalated care.
  • There were three new passings recorded.

Here is a speedy wrap of the Coronavirus news and case numbers from every Australian ward for as far back as week, as provided details regarding September 15, 2023.

The states and domains are presently announcing their Coronavirus measurements week by week, rather than through the day-to-day refreshes that were given from the beginning of the pandemic.

Latest Covid-19 Updates

New South Ridges has recorded 2,020 new Coronavirus cases, up from last week’s complete of 1,919.

There are 606 cases in the clinic with the infection, 10 of those in serious consideration. There were 20 new passings recorded.

Northern Domain refreshes its Coronavirus information fortnightly, there have been 130 new cases between September 1 and September 15.

The Northern Region right now has four patients in a medical clinic. No new passings were recorded.

Queensland’s new Coronavirus detailing process currently deals with a seven-day moving normal framework, according to the central government’s public revealing site.

The state recorded 64 normal cases as of September 13, down from a normal of 91 the earlier week.

There is a seven-day moving normal of one passing as of September 12, with 949 patients in clinic with the infection, and 25 in concentrated care.

South Australia has recorded 625 new Coronavirus cases the previous week, as of September 13.

South Australia presently has 41 patients in a medical clinic and none in serious consideration, as of September 12. There were no new passings recorded.

Victoria kept 746 cases in the week from September 8 to September 14, a 28 percent increment from the prior week. There were three passings on normal every day over the week.

The state likewise recorded a seven-day moving normal of 133 patients in medical clinics with the infection, and nine individuals in escalated care.

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