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Deadly Attacks in Dagestan Leave Multiple Casualties

  • Over 15 police officers and several civilians killed in coordinated attacks in Dagestan.
  • Gunmen targeted Orthodox churches, a synagogue, and a police post.
  • Authorities declare a counter-terrorist operation and days of mourning.

In a devastating series of attacks, armed militants killed over 15 police officers and several civilians in Russia’s Dagestan region. The coordinated assaults, which targeted two Orthodox churches, a synagogue, and a police post in the cities of Derbent and Makhachkala, have been classified as terrorist acts by the Russian National Anti-Terrorist Committee.

Authorities have responded with a counter-terrorist operation, resulting in the elimination of several gunmen. Despite no immediate claims of responsibility, a criminal investigation has been launched.

Coordinated Militant Attacks in Dagestan Spark Counter-Terrorism Response

The Republic of Dagestan in southern Russia experienced a tragic outbreak of violence as armed militants launched coordinated attacks on two cities, killing over 15 police officers and several civilians, including an Orthodox priest. The militants targeted religious sites and a police post, with both Orthodox churches and a synagogue suffering significant damage from fires.

The Russian National Anti-Terrorist Committee labeled the incidents as terrorist acts, prompting a swift counter-terrorist operation. Authorities reported conflicting numbers of assailants neutralized, with estimates ranging from five to six. The attacks have led to the declaration of three days of mourning in Dagestan.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attacks, but a criminal investigation has been initiated on charges of terrorism. Local authorities detained a Dagestani official in connection with his sons’ alleged involvement in the assaults. Governor Sergei Melikov emphasized that law enforcement has control over the situation and vowed to continue the investigation until all militant cells are dismantled.

Governor Melikov speculated that the attacks might have been orchestrated from abroad, hinting at a possible link to international conflicts, specifically referencing the ongoing “special military operation” in Ukraine. This mirrors previous claims by Russian officials who connected domestic attacks to foreign influences without substantial evidence.

The tragic events in Dagestan highlight the persistent threat of militant violence in the region. As authorities work to uncover the roots of these attacks and ensure security, the community mourns the loss of innocent lives and stands resilient against terror.

“The situation in the region is under control of the law enforcement and local authorities, and the investigation of the attacks will continue until ‘all the sleeping cells’ of the militants are uncovered.”

– Governor Sergei Melikov

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