Monday, 17 June 2024

Heavy Floods and Landslides in Eastern Nepal

Something like two individuals were killed and 26 others disappeared as floods and avalanches set off by storm downpours unleashed destruction in eastern Nepal, authorities said on Sunday.

A man was found dead and 21 others working at the under-development Super Hewa Hydropower Task in Chainpur Region 4 have disappeared, the Kathmandu Post paper cited police authorities as saying.

Floods and Landslides in Nepal

Delegate Director of Police Birendra Godar said it is yet to be found out whether the laborers moved to a more secure area following the flood or were cleared away by Hewa Waterway, the report said.

  • In the adjoining Panchthar region, a 9-year-old young lady passed on after her home was cleared away in an avalanche.
  • Five locals of Chainpur have additionally disappeared in the wake of flooding nearby, police said.

Starter examination recommends the flood happened after avalanches at Chainpur Region 4 and Panchkhapan District 9 impeded the stream, the report added.

Climate forecasters have cautioned weighty downpours would go on in Nepal before very long and gave alarms over rising water levels in streams.

Nepal is toward the start of its storm season, which ordinarily starts in June and closes in October.

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