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Kim Hye Yoon Credits ‘Lovely Runner’ Success to Unique Dual Perspective Narrative

  • Kim Hye Yoon attributes ‘Lovely Runner’ success to its dual narrative structure.
  • The actress describes her acting journey as a video diary of self-reflection.
  • Kim’s perfectionist approach fuels her continuous strive for improvement.

Kim Hye Yoon has garnered widespread acclaim for her role in the drama ‘Lovely Runner,’ which features a unique narrative structure that shifts perspectives between the main characters, Im Sol and Sun Jae. This storytelling technique, which allows viewers to see the same events through different eyes, has been highlighted by Kim as a key element in the drama’s success.

In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, Kim reflected on her acting journey, likening it to keeping a video diary. This metaphor captures her sense of growth and self-reflection as she revisits her past performances.

Kim Hye Yoon Reflects on ‘Lovely Runner’ Success and Her Acting Journey

Kim’s perfectionism is a driving force in her acting career. She admitted to rarely being satisfied with her performances, always finding aspects she wishes she could improve. However, this relentless self-critique pushes her to strive for better with each project, ensuring she gives her best effort in every scene. This dedication has become a hallmark of her professional ethos.

Viewing her past roles, Kim sees a video diary of her evolution as an actress. Each project serves as a timestamp of her growth, providing strength and motivation as she looks back. This perspective allows her to appreciate her journey and find encouragement in the progress she has made over the years. Kim’s reflections highlight her deep passion for acting and her commitment to continuous improvement.

Kim Hye Yoon’s reflections on her career and the success of ‘Lovely Runner’ underscore her dedication to her craft and her gratitude for the support of her fans. Her unique perspective on her work and her ongoing journey of self-improvement continues to inspire both her audience and herself.

Kim Hye Yoon remarked, “Watching my previous works made me think that I’ve been leaving a video diary of myself at that moment in time,” capturing her view of acting as a continuous journey of self-reflection and growth.

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