Monday, 15 July 2024

Google Play Store to Automatically Launch Newly Installed Apps

  • Google Play Store introduces the ‘App Auto Open’ feature.
  • Automatically launches apps after installation.
  • The feature is in preview and may be optional.

Google is testing a new feature for the Play Store called ‘App Auto Open.’ This feature will automatically launch newly installed apps immediately after their installation is complete. Currently, users have to manually open or uninstall an app after downloading it.

The feature includes a notification system that alerts users when ‘App Auto Open’ is enabled. This notification can either ring or vibrate based on device settings and lasts for up to five seconds. Users will have the option to silence this alert if desired.

Google Play Store’s New ‘App Auto Open’ Feature in Testing

The feature will include a notification that alerts users when it’s enabled, which can ring or vibrate depending on the device’s settings. Users can also silence this notification if preferred.

While ‘App Auto Open’ is enabled by default, users will have the option to disable it. This feature is currently in preview and may not be released publicly.

As Google continues to refine and test ‘App Auto Open,’ the feature could streamline the app installation process for users. However, it remains to be seen whether it will make it to a public release or undergo further changes.

“The upcoming App Auto Open feature would likely launch the newly installed app from the Google Play Store automatically.”

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