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Yvette Cooper on Labour’s Border Security Plans

  • Labour‘s first priority is establishing a new border security command.
  • Yvette Cooper emphasizes tackling criminal gangs involved in people smuggling.
  • Labour aims to clear the Conservative’s asylum backlog and strengthen border security.

Labour Home Secretary Yvette Cooper highlighted the party’s commitment to establishing a new border security command as their first priority. This initiative aims to consolidate efforts from various agencies like the National Crime Agency and Border Force to tackle the chaos inherited from the Conservative government.

Cooper stressed the need for a comprehensive approach to law enforcement, focusing on dismantling criminal gangs profiting from human trafficking and undermining UK border security.

Labour’s New Border Security Strategy

In addition to addressing the asylum backlog, Cooper’s plan emphasizes the importance of a functional and robust border system. This new strategy seeks to unify resources and expertise to strengthen the UK’s borders, ensuring a more effective and secure immigration process. Cooper’s comments came during a visit to Lewisham police station, where she outlined the Labour government’s proactive stance on migration and border security.

During a visit to Lewisham police station, Cooper outlined Labour’s strategy, emphasizing the importance of dismantling criminal organizations that exploit vulnerable people and undermine border security. She criticized the previous Conservative government for leaving a chaotic system and stressed the necessity of a functional, efficient approach to border management.

Cooper’s proposed border security command will integrate efforts across different sectors to strengthen the UK’s defenses against illegal immigration and trafficking. This includes enhanced law enforcement operations across the Channel and throughout Europe to target and disrupt the activities of criminal gangs. By pooling resources and expertise, Labour aims to create a more coordinated and effective response to border security challenges.

In addition to improving border security, Labour’s plan also focuses on clearing the existing asylum backlog. Cooper acknowledged the urgency of addressing the asylum system’s inefficiencies and ensuring a fair and timely process for applicants. The new border security command is a crucial component of Labour’s broader strategy to restore order and trust in the UK’s immigration system.

Labour’s border security command represents a significant shift towards a more organized and effective approach to handling immigration and combating criminal activities at the borders, reflecting the party’s commitment to restoring functionality and security to the UK’s immigration system.

“We need to clear the Conservatives’ asylum backlog, but the first priority has to be to get the stronger border security in place.” – Yvette Cooper

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