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Seismic Shift: Canadian Men Abandoning Left-Wing Parties

  • Significant decline in male support for Liberal/NDP parties since 2018.
  • Gender gap in political support has widened dramatically.
  • Men are reacting to policies they perceive as unfavorable or discriminatory.

Polling data from Abacus and Angus Reid reveals a growing trend of Canadian men abandoning left-wing political parties, with a notable shift occurring since 2018. This change is particularly evident in Alberta, where the gender gap in support for the United Conservative Party (UCP) versus the New Democratic Party (NDP) has widened significantly.

Federally, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau‘s approval ratings have also plummeted, especially among male voters who have not shown majority support for him since late 2018.

Canadian Men Turn Away from Left-Wing Politics

David Staples attributes this shift to a range of factors, including dissatisfaction with policies perceived as discriminatory towards men and their male children. Staples argues that left-wing parties have focused too heavily on cultural issues and systemic hiring quotas, which many men feel disadvantage them in the job market. Additionally, current approaches to crime, drug use, and economic policies are seen as contributing to a decline in opportunity and prosperity, prompting men to seek political alternatives.

Moreover, the focus on cultural and social issues, which some see as “false culture wars,” has alienated many male voters. They believe these policies divert attention from more pressing material concerns like job security and economic stability. This perception of neglect has led to growing male disillusionment with left-wing parties, pushing them towards right-wing alternatives that promise to address these fundamental issues more directly.

In response to this trend, there has been surprisingly little public debate within left-wing circles about how to win back male voters. One notable exception is a piece by Jennifer Hassum of the Broadbent Institute, who argued for a return to materialist politics focused on improving living standards and economic opportunities. Without such a shift, Staples warns, left-wing parties risk further alienating a substantial portion of the electorate.

The political landscape in Canada is undergoing a significant transformation as more men shift their support away from left-wing parties. Addressing the concerns and priorities of these voters will be crucial for any political party seeking to gain or regain their trust.

“For too long, left-wing political parties have abandoned working-class, materialist politics in the pursuit of a cross-class majority that unites along false culture wars.” — Jennifer Hassum

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