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In a Video Deposition, Donald Trump Considers Rape Allegation “Ridiculous”

In a video deposition in October, former US president Donald Trump stated that a writer’s claims that he sexually assaulted her in a Manhattan department store were “made up” and that the attack never took place. The judge stated that closing arguments would probably take place on Monday before the jury starts deliberating on Tuesday.

Trump’s attorneys stated that they would not call any witnesses. Trump’s deposition has additional significance because he has not participated in the trial and will not testify. On Thursday, the jury in federal court in Manhattan is scheduled to hear more of Trump’s deposition before Carroll’s attorneys summon three additional witnesses to the witness stand.

A Video Deposition

Carroll asks for an apology from Donald Trump for remarks she claims were libelous as well as an undefined amount of money in damages. Trump has asserted that Carroll’s allegations are politically motivated attempts to damage his character and prevent him from being elected president. He has denied ever knowing Carroll.

Former People magazine writer Natasha Stoynoff said in court that in 2005, while showing her his Mar-a-Lago house, Trump kissed her against her will. Trump’s attorneys failed in their attempt to prevent the jury from viewing the “Access Hollywood” video and hearing from Stoynoff prior to the trial.

  • In a video deposition, the Ex-US president claimed the accusations of raping the woman.
  • The judge stated that closing arguments will probably take place on Monday.
  • Stoynoff said that Trump cornered her and kissed her after distracting her from staff.

Stoynoff said that Trump cornered her and kissed her after distracting her from workers and a camera crew by pretending to want to show her a “really great room” on the estate.

Donald Trump pulled Nancy Stoynoff against the wall and began kissing her, according to Nancy Stoynoff, a Canadian author who took on an old family name for her writing career. Stoynoff was “so shocked and flustered” during the lengthy interaction that she was unable to talk and refrained from yelling.

Joseph Tacopina, the attorney for Trump, concluded his cross-examination of her after suggesting that she had no bearing on Carroll’s argument. Before disclosing her accusations against Trump in a 2019 biography, Carroll kept her charges against Trump a secret for 17 years, telling only two close friends.

Through protracted cross-examination, Trump’s attorneys attacked Carroll’s credibility by challenging why she never called the police and why she didn’t scream out for help during the alleged attack.

According to a psychologist who testified on behalf of Carroll on Wednesday, it’s typical for rape victims to remain silent and place the responsibility on themselves.

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