Friday, 19 April 2024

A religious leader connected to Duterte is now ordered to be arrested

  • A court in the Philippines has detained Duterte.
  • Apollo Quiboloy was charged multiple years ago last month by the justice department.
  • A request for a response from Quiboloy’s attorney was not answered.

A court in the Philippines has detained a church founder who was a close friend of former President Rodrigo Duterte, accusing him of sexual assault and human trafficking.

In the Philippines, where church leaders have sway over elections, the evangelist preacher is a powerful figure and is on the FBI’s most-wanted list.

Rodrigo Duterte

Apollo Quiboloy, who calls himself the “owner of the universe” and the “appointed son of god,” was charged with multiple years ago last month by the justice department, and a family court in the southern city of Davao has ordered his arrest.

A request for a response from Quiboloy’s attorney was not answered. Requests for comments were not immediately answered by Duterte’s aides.

Due to allegations that he forced teenagers and young women to have sex with him, Quiboloy is facing further charges of sex trafficking in the United States. Quiboloy has refuted these claims.

The Philippine authorities’ indictment last month represented a reversal of their 2020 decision to drop the proceedings. The victim’s ongoing legal battle has brought attention to the seriousness of her charges, according to the Philippine Department of Justice.

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