Tuesday, 5 March 2024

Ban Lifted, But Bad Weather Affects the Fishermen

On Thursday, hamlets in Tamilnadu were buzzing with various events as the 61-day annual fishing ban along the east coast came to an end.

A small obstacle, however, existed since the forecast from the Met Department indicated that the bulk of fishermen would be forced to stay off the water due to bad weather.

Weather Affects the Fishermen

According to M. Dharmapichai, vice president of the Thoothukudi Mechanised Boat Fishermen Association, the fisheries department posted an IMD weather watch notice at the fishing port in Thoothukudi, warning that wind gusts up to 65 mph are likely to blow over the Gulf of Mannar, the South Tamil Nadu coast, and the nearby Comorin area.

As a result, he explained to DT Next on Thursday, “fishermen decided to resume their daily routine on Friday.” According to All Mechanised Boat Owners Association treasurer RJ Bosco, ice bars have been carried onto roughly 20 boats that are expected to enter the water tomorrow.

  • Tamilnadu hamlets celebrate the 61-day fishing ban end.
  • Met forecast predicts heavy fishing restrictions in Southeast Coastal Region.
  • Northeast coastal fishermen banned to permitted in Rameswaram.

According to NJ Bose, president of the Rameswaram Mechanised Boat Fishermen Association, fishing is done off the shores of Pamban and Mandapam rather than the coast of Rameswaram. When contacted, official sources stated that 258 of the fleet’s 1,500 mechanized boats departed from Mandapam South, Pamban, and Mookaiyur.

The Northeast coastal fishermen of Tamil Nadu are prohibited from fishing beginning June 15; however, starting June 17, fishing will be permitted in Rameswaram, North Mandapam, and Soliyakkudi on a three-day cyclical basis. Due to the cyclone warning, except for Kanyakumari, all boats off the coast of Tamil Nadu enter the water.

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