Monday, 26 February 2024

2024 National Girl Child Day is Celebrated Today

  • The public authority has not yet reported a topic for Public Young Lady Kid Day 2024.
  • He recognized the important commitments of young ladies across different fields, underscoring their part in upgrading the country and society.
  • In earlier years, topics, for example, ‘Engaging Young Ladies for a More Brilliant Tomorrow’ (2019) and ‘Computerized Age, Our Age’ (2021) have been taken on.

Public Young Lady Kid Day is noticed every year on January 24th to bring issues to light about the difficulties faced by young ladies in Indian culture.

The day stresses the significance of equivalent open doors in training, medical care, and nourishment, while likewise featuring the shameful acts that young ladies frequently defy. This day holds importance in advancing the strengthening and prosperity of young ladies, with different mindfulness missions and projects sent off every year.

2024 National Girl Child Day

The yearly subject frequently mirrors the ongoing concentration and objectives of endeavors to resolve issues connected with young ladies’ freedoms and strengthening.

The State leader highlighted the public authority’s supported endeavors over the last 10 years to establish a climate where each young lady gets the opportunity to learn, create, and flourish.

As a component of the public authority’s drives, Modi referenced the lead plot ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ (Save Little Girls, Teach Girls), sent off in 2015. This program means to address the declining youngster sex proportion and engage young ladies through far-reaching measures, including advancing training and bringing issues to light about the significance of the young lady kid.

Observing Strengthening: Public Young Lady Kid Day, January 24: Public Young Lady Kid Day is noticed yearly to bring issues to light about the freedoms of young ladies and the meaning of female training and wellbeing. The State leader’s words act as a recognition of the flexibility and capability of every young lady, supporting the requirement for proceeding with endeavors to make a general public where young ladies can flourish and contribute fundamentally to the country’s advancement.

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