Monday, 15 July 2024

Feeding the Olympians: Inside the World’s Largest Restaurant at Paris 2024

  • Over 200 chefs will prepare more than 13 million meals for 15,000 athletes.
  • Sustainability is a priority, with a quarter of ingredients sourced within 250km of Paris.
  • Signature dishes created by renowned chefs highlight French culinary excellence.

The Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games will transform the Olympic Village into the world’s largest restaurant, where over 200 chefs will prepare more than 13 million meals. This massive culinary effort aims to nourish 15,000 athletes from 208 territories, offering a diverse menu that includes French, Asian, Afro-Caribbean, and global cuisines.

Nutritionist and former Olympic sailor Hélène Defrance collaborated on the menu to ensure it meets athletes’ dietary needs while providing an enjoyable dining experience.

Savoring Sustainability: Culinary Excellence at Paris 2024 Olympics

A commitment to sustainability is central to the food operation, with a strict quality charter designed to reduce the carbon footprint of meals. This includes sourcing a quarter of all ingredients from within 250km of Paris and ensuring that 20 percent are certified organic. Signature dishes by chefs like Amandine Chaignot and Alexandre Mazzia reflect French culinary traditions, highlighting local ingredients and innovative recipes tailored to the athletes’ nutritional requirements.

Renowned chefs like Amandine Chaignot, Alexandre Mazzia, and Akrame Benallal have been enlisted to create signature dishes that marry French culinary traditions with the athletes’ dietary needs. These dishes, ranging from lentil dal with skyr to roasted French poultry with langoustine bisque, highlight the best of French cuisine while ensuring the meals are nutritious and satisfying for the world’s top athletes.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of the culinary program, with a quality charter aimed at halving the carbon footprint compared to previous Games. This involves sourcing 25% of ingredients within a 250km radius of Paris and using 20% organic produce. Additionally, all meat, milk, and eggs will come from France, and one-third of the food will be plant-based, demonstrating a strong commitment to environmental responsibility.

To further enhance sustainability, the Olympic Village will feature 200 water, juice, and soda fountains, and all dining will use reusable cups and crockery. This initiative not only reduces waste but also aligns with the broader goals of the Paris 2024 Games to promote social and environmental progress. As athletes enjoy their meals, they will experience a blend of global flavors and French culinary artistry, all within a sustainable framework.

The Paris 2024 Olympics set a new standard for integrating sustainability with culinary excellence, providing athletes with nutritious and delightful meals that showcase the best of French and global cuisine.

“Our commitments to social and environmental progress will ensure that we help Paris 2024 to achieve the important challenge of delivering the most sustainable Games.” – Nathalie Bellon-Szabo, Global CEO of Sodexo Live!

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