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Chithirai Festival Celebrations in Madurai

  • At dawn, Ruler Kallazhagar, mounted on a brilliant pony cart, entered the waterway, to cheers of the clamorous group.
  • Ladies aficionados performed deeparathanas from any place they remained as Master Kallazhagar entered the riverbed.
  • They likewise appropriated desserts to individual enthusiasts.

A merry energy won over the day at Tallakulam as individuals, particularly the young, accumulated to commend the Chithirai Celebration. The Tallakulam principal street, one of the most active stretches in the city, was denied vehicles on Monday night as the stretch, till Goripalayam, was loaded with lakhs of individuals.

Master Kallagar’s parade arrived at Tallakulam Perumal sanctuary, where the divinity was saved till the extremely early times for ceremonies. Indeed, even past noon, the group didn’t diminish.

Chithirai Festival in Madurai

A great many enthusiasts slid on the Vaigai riverbed in Madurai, from the get-go on Tuesday, April 23, 2024, and trusted that hours would observe the yearly custom of Ruler Kallazhagar entering the stream as a feature of the Chithirai celebration.

With a brilliant full moon above and scores of floodlights, people swarmed both banks of the Vaigai stream from late on Monday night, swimming through the water into the center of the waterway and encompassing the blockaded setting close to Albert Victor Scaffold.

Every one of the scaffolds across the stream among Obulapadithurai and Seller were pressed, the groups contending with one another to get a brief look at the managing divinity of Master Sundararajaperumal, of the Azhagarkoil sanctuary.

The fantastic occasion saw enthusiasts sprinkling about and moving in the stream, with a part of youngsters in any event, tossing footwear and water bottles up high, while pausing. At the point when the public location framework played a shortened tune from Vijayakant-starrer Kallazhagar – Vaararu Azhagar thaan vaararu – it sent the furious group into pains of energy.

Despite rehashed supplications over the public location framework, a segment of young people were seen perilously roosting over the curves of the AV Scaffold. After last year’s sad suffocating of three people in the water stale at the check dam close to the setting, locale specialists, this year, opened the conduits of the check dams to cut down the water to a protected degree of around one foot.

Be that as it may, as a careful step, firemen set two swelled boats at the scene.

Scores of people with handicaps were given passes by the specialists to acquire passage onto the AV Scaffold to observe the occasion. Their three-wheeled vehicles left along the railing wall gave them seating to get the best perspective on the occasion.

Indeed, even after Master Kallazhagar left the scene a few fans followed the god to Ramarayar Mandapam (RR Mandapam) where the theerthavari occasion was held in which the lovers splashed water on Ruler Kalllazhagar.

Magistrate of Police J. Loganathan said north of 4,000 police faculty, including those drawn from different areas, were conveyed for Ruler Kallazhagar’s entrance into Vaigai stream. Moreover, drones were put to use in four unique spots to screen and control the group.

Sixty groups for wrongdoing avoidance were sent to the group that had gotten 82 people with dubious exercises. 26 blades and swords were seized from them and 69 of them were captured and shipped off legal care.

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