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Priyanka or Deepika, in the opinion of the Met Gala 2023 viewers

Everybody is looking forward to the Met Gala in 2023 will occur on May 1, 2023. This time, it is anticipated that there will be the highest representation of Indians. Priyanka Chopra, Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone, and others are anticipated to attend.

While Priyanka and Alia are certain to attend, there is some uncertainty over Deepika Padukone. Additionally, we will have socialites like Natasha Poonawalla and Isha Ambani. Two years ago, the latter, who is Adar Poonawalla’s better half, captured everyone’s attention with her golden dress.

2023 Met Gala

Many people felt that Deepika Padukone’s Barbie costume did not fit the Met Gala’s campy tone because it was worn. On Reddit, there has been a conversation about this. Many fans thought Priyanka Chopra would be the center of attention.

She has previously carried it out. She is also working hard to promote Citadel. Fans adored her appearance during the Russo Brothers’ high-profile spy thriller advertising.

  • Everybody is looking forward to the Met Gala in 2023 will occur on May 1, 2023.
  • Two years ago, Adar Poonawalla‘s better half, captured everyone’s attention with her golden dress.
  • Supporters claimed that Deepika or Priyanka deserved to be invited to the Met Gala 2023.

“Priyanka has been killing it in the Citadel promotions lately,” a netizen observed. Her attire has me excited; all I need now are perfect hair and cosmetics. As usual, Deepika will play it cautiously. Although it will look good, nobody will talk about it.

But one supporter claimed that this Indian celebrity deserved to be invited to the Met Gala. Urfi Javed, a DIY expert, and desi fashionista, was there. They believed she would have blown everyone away.

Urfi Javed, in the opinion of a supporter, would have ruined the event’s “camp” theme. It’s an unpopular opinion, but Urfi would have pulled off the Met Gala 2019 because she’s campy.

She needs a PR staff and an atelier that can properly assist her. In the past, several couture businesses have adopted a bright, unconventional, campy aesthetic.

Another supporter of the notion commented, “She is most definitely camp. If she could have attended the occasion, I would have loved to see what she would have worn. She was going to shatter it.

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