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Plumbing Adventures: The Super Mario Bros. Movie Sequel Springs into Action

  • Super Mario Bros. Movie Sequel: Set for release on April 24, 2026 in Japan and April 3, 2026 in the US.
  • Continued Success: Follow-up to the $1.3 billion-grossing original, promising more fun and fan service.
  • Creative Team: Led by Shigeru Miyamoto and Illumination, with returning directors and writers from the first film.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie sequel, slated for release in April 2026, builds on the blockbuster success of its predecessor, which stormed box offices worldwide in 2023.

With a promise of more adventure and humor, the film aims to further captivate audiences with its imaginative take on Nintendo’s iconic characters.

Mario’s Next Level: The Super Mario Bros. Movie Sequel Ventures Forward

Led by Shigeru Miyamoto and Illumination Entertainment, the creative team behind the sequel remains committed to delivering a fresh and entertaining experience. Building on the foundation of the first film’s record-breaking achievements, the sequel looks to delve deeper into the beloved world of Mario and his friends, offering a blend of nostalgia and new storytelling twists.

Shigeru Miyamoto and Illumination Entertainment are once again leading the charge, promising a film that stays true to the spirit of the beloved video game franchise while introducing fresh elements. The return of key creative minds ensures continuity in capturing the essence of Mario’s world on the big screen.

With a release date set slightly earlier in the US on April 3, 2026, anticipation is high among global audiences eager to see where the Mario universe will expand next. The first film’s blend of nostalgia and modern storytelling resonated strongly with fans and newcomers alike, setting a high bar for the sequel to match or exceed.

As production gears up, discussions abound about potential nods to other iconic Nintendo franchises within the sequel, sparking curiosity and speculation about what surprises lie in store for viewers come 2026.

As the sequel to The Super Mario Bros. Movie approaches, fans eagerly anticipate another thrilling cinematic journey through the Mushroom Kingdom, poised to deliver more of the magic that made its predecessor a global sensation.

“Fans can look forward to another exciting adventure with Mario and friends, as we expand upon the beloved world of the Mushroom Kingdom in ways that will delight audiences worldwide.”

– Shigeru Miyamoto

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