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Fans React to Indian 2 Trailer: Mixed Reviews and Nostalgia for Sujatha’s Dialogue

  • The “Indian 2” trailer received 5 million views within 15 hours of release but garnered mixed reactions.
  • Critics highlighted the poor makeup and lack of emotional depth in the trailer.
  • Fans miss the influence of writer Sujatha, whose dialogues were pivotal in Shankar’s earlier hits.

The much-anticipated trailer of Shankar’s “Indian 2” featuring Kamal Haasan has sparked a flurry of reactions online. Despite amassing 5 million views in just 15 hours, many fans have voiced their disappointment, criticizing the trailer for its subpar makeup effects and lack of the emotional punch that characterized the original 1996 film.

A significant portion of the criticism stems from the absence of writer Sujatha, whose dialogues were key to Shankar’s past successes. Fans noted that the dialogues in “Indian 2” lack the sharpness and impact seen in films like “Enthiran” and the first “Indian,” both of which Sujatha contributed to before his passing in 2008.

Disappointing Makeup and Lackluster Dialogues: Fans Critique Indian 2 Trailer

The release of the “Indian 2” trailer has stirred mixed reactions from fans and critics alike. While the trailer quickly garnered millions of views, the feedback was less than favorable, with many expressing disappointment over various aspects. Criticisms primarily targeted the makeup quality, with some fans questioning how the team, including Shankar and Kamal Haasan, could be satisfied with the results given the high standards set by the original “Indian.”

In addition to makeup concerns, the emotional disconnect in the trailer was a recurring theme among critics. Fans felt that the trailer failed to evoke the same emotional response as Shankar’s earlier works. Comparisons were drawn to “Dasavatharam,” where Kamal Haasan portrayed multiple characters, suggesting that “Indian 2” lacked the innovation and depth seen in previous films.

The absence of writer Sujatha, who was integral to the success of Shankar’s earlier films, was deeply felt. Fans lamented the loss of Sujatha’s sharp and impactful dialogues, which had become a hallmark of Shankar’s movies. Since Sujatha’s passing in 2008, Shankar’s films have not achieved the same critical acclaim, leading many to speculate that his creative partnership with Sujatha was a significant factor in his previous successes.

The film industry and fans alike are now left wondering whether “Indian 2” can overcome these initial criticisms and deliver a compelling cinematic experience. The film features an ensemble cast including Siddharth, SJ Suryah, and Kajal Aggarwal, and boasts music by Anirudh and cinematography by Ravi Varman. Despite the mixed reactions to the trailer, the anticipation for the film’s release remains high, with many hoping that the final product will live up to expectations.

Despite the mixed reactions to its trailer, “Indian 2” has created significant buzz and anticipation. Fans are eager to see if the final film can rise above the criticisms and deliver a memorable cinematic experience, honoring the legacy of its predecessor.

“Indian 2 trailer looks like a new age spoof of old Shankar movies.”

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