Thursday, 18 July 2024

Australia Hikes Student Visa Fees by 125%: Implications for Indian Students

  • Australia‘s student visa fee increased from A$710 to A$1,600.
  • New regulations prohibit certain visa holders from applying for student visas onshore.
  • Changes aim to restore integrity and fairness in Australia’s migration system.

The Australian government’s decision to increase the student visa application fee by 125% marks a significant financial burden for Indian students aspiring to study in Australia. The fee hike, from A$710 to A$1,600

In addition to the fee hike, new regulations prevent visitor visa holders and students with temporary graduate visas from applying for student visas while in Australia. These changes are aimed at curbing continuous visa

Australia’s Visa Policy Changes: Challenges Ahead for Indian Students

The recent hike in the Australian student visa fee to A$1,600 is likely to have a significant impact on Indian students planning to pursue their studies there. With the fee increase coming into effect on July 1, 2024, the financial burden on prospective students is considerably higher compared to other countries. This development may lead students to explore alternative destinations with lower visa costs and more favorable policies.

Additionally, the Australian government has introduced new regulations to tighten its visa extension rules. Visitor visa holders and students with temporary graduate visas are no longer allowed to apply for student visas while onshore. This policy aims to prevent the practice of “visa hopping,” ensuring that the migration system prioritizes genuine educational pursuits over prolonged stays through continuous visa extensions.

The changes also include raising the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold and implementing the Strengthening Employer Compliance Bill 2023 to protect migrant workers from exploitation. These measures reflect Australia’s commitment to creating a fairer and more manageable migration system. However, they may pose additional challenges for Indian students, who now face stricter requirements and higher costs.

Despite these hurdles, Australia remains a popular destination for Indian students, thanks to its high-quality education system and vibrant multicultural environment. The Australia-India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (AI-ECTA) ensures specific visa benefits for Indian students, maintaining Australia’s appeal despite the recent changes. It remains to be seen how these new policies will affect the overall influx of Indian students in the coming years.

While the fee hike and stricter regulations present challenges, Australia’s commitment to maintaining educational excellence and its ongoing bilateral agreements with India ensure that it remains a viable option for Indian students seeking quality education abroad.

“The changes coming into force today will help restore integrity to our international education system and create a migration system which is fairer, smaller, and better able to deliver for Australia,” said Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil.

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