Monday, 15 July 2024

Horizon Protocol Expands: XRP, ADA, and LINK Listings Set to Boost DeFi Derivatives

  • Horizon Protocol approves listing of XRP, ADA, and LINK on its derivatives platform.
  • Users to benefit from low fees, up to 27.5x leverage, and enhanced liquidity.
  • Expansion aims to diversify trading options and integrate real-world asset synthetics.

Horizon Protocol has announced the approval of HIP-16, paving the way for the listing of XRP, Cardano (ADA), and Chainlink (LINK) on its decentralized derivatives platform, Horizon Futures.

This move aims to broaden the platform’s trading offerings, providing users with opportunities to trade these major cryptocurrencies with features like low fees and high leverage up to 27.5x.

Enhancing DeFi Accessibility: Horizon Protocol Welcomes XRP, ADA, and LINK

The protocol’s decision comes after community input and aims to integrate these assets seamlessly into Horizon Futures, ensuring optimal performance monitoring and subsequent enhancements. Horizon Protocol continues to position itself as a key player in the DeFi derivatives market, focusing on innovation and user-centric trading experiences.

The integration of XRP, ADA, and LINK follows Horizon’s recent milestone of integrating Solana (SOL), which has seen strong demand on its platform. Horizon’s commitment to enhancing DeFi accessibility includes providing seamless integration of these assets into its trading ecosystem, catering to both seasoned traders and newcomers seeking exposure to real-world asset synthetics. This expansion underscores Horizon’s strategy to innovate within the decentralized finance sector, offering enhanced liquidity and trading efficiency.

Horizon Protocol’s decision to list XRP, ADA, and LINK marks a significant step in enhancing DeFi accessibility and broadening trading opportunities within its ecosystem. As the platform continues to innovate and integrate major cryptocurrencies, it seeks to empower users with advanced trading tools and seamless access to synthetic assets tied to real-world economies.

“This expansion signifies our commitment to democratizing access to diversified trading strategies within DeFi.”

– Horizon Protocol Team

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