Monday, 15 July 2024

Amaravati Development to Be Completed in 30 Months, Says Minister Narayana

  • Amaravati’s development to finish in 30 months
  • International collaboration in city design
  • Rs 48,000 crore was allocated for the initial phase

Andhra Pradesh Minister P Narayana announced that the development of Amaravati will be completed in the next 30 months. The goal is to make Amaravati one of the top five capital cities in the world, implementing plans that have been meticulously crafted with international input.

Narayana criticized the previous YSRCP government for neglecting the project and emphasized the importance of prioritizing the development works. He stated that tenders worth Rs 48,000 crore were issued previously, with Rs 9,000 crore already spent on essential amenities.

Ambitious Plans for Amaravati to Conclude in Two-and-a-Half Years

Significant international collaboration has been a hallmark of this project, with design contributions from Singapore and insights gained from visits to China, Japan, Russia, and Malaysia. These efforts aim to ensure that all districts in the state benefit financially from the new capital.

Despite previous setbacks under the YSRCP government, Narayana is focused on fast-tracking the project. He mentioned that Rs 48,000 crore worth of tenders had been called, and Rs 9,000 crore had already been expended on crucial infrastructure.

The development will occur in three phases, with the first phase involving city building works and subsequent phases focusing on metro rail and public transport systems. The minister is set to review plans with officials and prioritize the remaining work.

Minister Narayana’s commitment to finishing the Amaravati project within 30 months reflects a renewed focus on urban development and international collaboration, aiming to make Amaravati a globally recognized capital city.

“In the coming two-and-a-half years’ time, we will complete the development works of state capital Amaravati.”

– P Narayana

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