Tuesday, 18 June 2024

To meet growing demand for aircraft, Airbus expands production in Morocco

  • Airbus to increase production to 75 aircraft per month in Morocco by 2026.
  • Moroccan facility specializes in essential A320 aircraft components.
  • Expansion underscores Airbus’s commitment to Africa’s aerospace growth.

Airbus has announced plans to significantly expand its aircraft production capabilities in Morocco, aiming to manufacture up to 75 aircraft per month by 2026.

The Moroccan facility, Airbus Atlantic Morocco Composites in Nouaceur, plays a pivotal role in producing critical components for the A320 family of aircraft.

Morocco becomes Airbus’s new aircraft production hub

Airbus is bolstering its production capabilities in Morocco to meet escalating demand for aircraft, with plans to increase output significantly by 2026. The initiative underscores Airbus’s strategic commitment to leveraging Moroccan facilities for expanded manufacturing capacities.

The Airbus Atlantic Morocco Composites plant in Nouaceur is at the forefront of this expansion, specializing in the production of essential components for the A320 family of aircraft. These components, such as cockpit linings and baggage compartments, are crucial for Airbus’s global operations, reflecting Morocco’s growing importance in the aerospace industry.

Morocco’s aerospace sector has seen substantial growth, supported by Airbus’s longstanding partnership dating back to 1951. This expansion not only enhances local employment opportunities, with the plant set to recruit additional staff, but also reinforces Morocco’s role as a key player in Africa’s aerospace manufacturing landscape.

With a strategic focus on operational excellence and skill development, Airbus’s investment in Morocco aims to strengthen its supply chain resilience while capitalizing on the country’s evolving industrial capabilities. This move aligns with Airbus’s broader strategy to meet future demand while fostering economic growth in Morocco’s aerospace sector.

Airbus’s expansion in Morocco signifies more than just increased production capacity—it underscores a deepening partnership aimed at harnessing Morocco’s skilled workforce and strategic location. By investing in local capabilities and infrastructure, Airbus not only strengthens its global supply chain but also contributes to the long-term development of Morocco’s aerospace industry, cementing its position as a pivotal hub in Africa’s aviation landscape.

“Morocco has been a crucial industrial partner for over 70 years, and even more so in the past three decades,” emphasized Patrick Derderian, Airbus’s Director of International Cooperation for Africa. “Our commitment to expanding production here reflects our confidence in Morocco’s capabilities and our shared vision for advancing the aerospace sector in Africa.”

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