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PM Modi Calls for Substance Over Slogans in 18th Lok Sabha’s First Session

  • PM Modi emphasizes the historic significance of the first session in the new Parliament building.
  • Calls for meaningful legislative work and substantive discussions.
  • Sets expectations for constructive engagement from opposition parties.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address ahead of the commencement of the 18th Lok Sabha’s first session marked a pivotal moment in Indian parliamentary history. Highlighting the inauguration of the session in the newly constructed Parliament building, PM Modi underscored the event’s importance for India’s democratic framework.

In his media interaction, Prime Minister Modi reiterated the responsibilities of MPs in fulfilling the aspirations of the people through effective governance. His emphasis on constructive engagement and meaningful contributions from all parties reflected a commitment to enhance parliamentary democracy’s efficacy and relevance in addressing national challenges.

Setting the Tone: PM Modi’s Vision for Productive Governance in the 18th Lok Sabha

The inaugural session of the 18th Lok Sabha witnessed Prime Minister Narendra Modi articulating a vision centered on substantive governance and effective parliamentary discourse. Addressing the media ahead of the session, PM Modi highlighted the historical significance of the day, marking the first session in the new Parliament building. His remarks underscored the need for MPs to prioritize substantial legislative work over political rhetoric, aiming to deliver actionable outcomes for the benefit of the nation.

During his address, PM Modi called upon opposition parties to engage constructively, emphasizing the collective responsibility of all MPs in shaping India’s future. The session’s commencement in the new Parliament building served as a symbolic gesture of continuity in India’s democratic traditions while signaling a renewed commitment to robust parliamentary practices. PM Modi’s emphasis on ‘substance over slogans’ set a clear agenda for the session, aiming to elevate the quality of debates and legislative outcomes.

The media interaction also highlighted PM Modi’s recognition of the Parliament’s pivotal role in steering the country’s development agenda. His call for MPs to uphold parliamentary decorum and engage in meaningful deliberations reflected a commitment to democratic values and responsible governance. As the session unfolded, PM Modi’s vision for productive governance resonated, setting a precedent for collaborative efforts towards achieving India’s socio-economic aspirations.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address and the commencement of the 18th Lok Sabha session in the new Parliament building underscored a commitment to substantive governance and effective parliamentary practices. His call for ‘substance over slogans’ and emphasis on constructive engagement set a positive tone for the session, signaling a renewed focus on delivering tangible outcomes for the nation.

“Today is a historic day for democracy,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said as this marks the first time in the history of independent India that the oath-taking ceremony of new Members of Parliament is being held in the new Parliament building.

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