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Breakthrough in Larynx Transplant: A New Era of Hope for Cancer Patients

  • Mayo Clinic performs third total larynx transplant in the U.S. and first within a clinical trial.
  • Patient Marty Kedian regains voice, swallowing, and breathing functions post-surgery.
  • The success opens the door for wider availability of laryngeal transplants for cancer patients.

A medical team in Arizona has achieved a groundbreaking feat by performing the third known total larynx transplant in the U.S., marking the first done as part of a clinical trial and on a patient with active cancer.

This case represents a pivotal step towards making laryngeal transplantation a viable option for more patients, especially those suffering from cancer. The clinical trial, led by Dr. David Lott at the Mayo Clinic, aims to thoroughly investigate the safety and efficacy of this procedure, potentially setting a new standard in the treatment of laryngeal dysfunction.

Revolutionizing Laryngeal Transplants: A Beacon of Hope for Cancer Survivors

In an unprecedented medical advancement, Mayo Clinic in Arizona has performed a total larynx transplant on a patient with active cancer as part of a clinical trial. The recipient, Marty Kedian, who had lost his ability to speak, swallow, and breathe normally due to a rare laryngeal cancer, underwent a complex 21-hour surgery. This procedure included the transplantation of the larynx, pharynx, upper trachea, and other vital structures, marking a significant breakthrough in the field of organ transplantation.

The successful outcome of Kedian’s surgery is particularly notable as it was conducted on a patient already on immunosuppressive therapy from a previous kidney transplant. This unique aspect minimized additional risks typically associated with cancer patients undergoing such transplants. Post-surgery, Kedian has experienced remarkable recovery, regaining 60% of his voice and normal swallowing and breathing functions within four months.

Dr. David Lott, who led the clinical trial at Mayo Clinic, emphasizes the importance of this achievement in paving the way for future laryngeal transplants. The trial is designed to rigorously study the procedure’s safety and effectiveness, potentially transforming it into a standard option for patients requiring total laryngectomy. This advancement holds promise for improving the quality of life for thousands of individuals affected by laryngeal dysfunction.

Looking ahead, Dr. Lott’s team continues to push the boundaries of science with ongoing research in transplantation techniques and regenerative medicine. The Mayo Clinic’s efforts are aimed at establishing laryngeal transplantation as a reliable and widely accessible treatment, offering new hope to patients who previously had limited options. As the clinical trial progresses, more patients like Kedian could soon benefit from this life-changing procedure.

The successful larynx transplant at Mayo Clinic marks a monumental step forward in organ transplantation, providing new hope and significantly enhancing the quality of life for patients with severe laryngeal dysfunctions.

“This case signifies a monumental breakthrough. It represents the future of laryngeal transplantation, where every patient needing a total laryngectomy will have the option of a reconstruction that allows them to maintain their quality of life.” – Dr. Marshall Strome

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