Thursday, 18 July 2024

Singauto Launches World’s First One-Step New Energy Intelligent Refrigerated Vehicle in Abu Dhabi

  • Singauto introduces autonomous, AI-powered refrigerated vehicle with advanced cold chain logistics in Abu Dhabi.
  • Agreements signed with DAEJI P&I and Shandong Heima Group.
  • Plans unveiled for the largest commercial EV industrial district in the UAE.

Singauto, a pioneering company from Singapore, has made a significant leap in the logistics sector by unveiling the world’s first one-step new energy intelligent refrigerated vehicle in Abu Dhabi.

In addition to showcasing their groundbreaking vehicle, Singauto signed strategic product agreements with DAEJI P&I and Shandong Heima Group, strengthening their position in the market.

Singauto Unveils Revolutionary Refrigerated Vehicle with Autonomous Capabilities in Abu Dhabi

In a groundbreaking event held in Abu Dhabi, Singauto, a leading innovator from Singapore, launched the world’s first one-step new energy intelligent refrigerated vehicle. This vehicle represents a significant advancement in the logistics sector, integrating autonomous driving technology and advanced cold chain logistics. The model boasts an AI-powered digital platform, multi-temperature control, independent suspension, and a sophisticated cloud platform for fleet management.

The launch event was a significant milestone for Singauto, attracting industry leaders and potential partners. During the event, the company signed product agreements with DAEJI P&I and Shandong Heima Group, marking a step forward in strategic collaborations. These partnerships are set to enhance Singauto’s capabilities and market reach, reinforcing its position as a leader in the logistics technology sector.

Chris Chen, Singauto’s Global CEO and Co-Founder, addressed the audience, emphasizing the UAE’s strategic importance for the company’s future endeavors. He highlighted the UAE’s leadership in clean energy and high-tech industries, which aligns perfectly with Singauto’s vision of sustainability and innovation. By leveraging the UAE’s strategic location and forward-thinking policies, Singauto aims to drive significant advancements in the logistics industry.

Singauto’s future plans include the development of the world’s largest commercial EV industrial district in the UAE. This ambitious project underscores the company’s commitment to transforming the logistics landscape through advanced technologies and global partnerships. Singauto’s strategic initiatives are set to support the UAE’s sustainable transportation objectives, contributing to a greener and more efficient logistics network.

Singauto’s launch of the intelligent refrigerated vehicle marks a significant step towards sustainable and innovative logistics. By aligning with the UAE’s vision for clean energy and technological advancement, Singauto is poised to revolutionize the logistics industry with its cutting-edge solutions and strategic partnerships.

“Our focus on sustainability and innovation, aligning with the UAE’s goal of 44% clean energy by 2050, will redefine the logistics industry.”

– Chris Chen, Global CEO and Co-Founder of Singauto

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